Les Gets

Les Gets

At the summit of Mont Chéry, there is certainly one of the most beautiful views of the Portes du Soleil, on Mont Blanc, and a comprehensive panorama on the village of Les Gets, a very lively village which revolves around the Boule de Gomme area (the snow front) and the open-air ice rink.

The snowy lanes, the wooden chalets, the illuminated windows: the heart of Les Gets has the typical charm of a mountain town, a charm which seduced Father Christmas himself! The old man thus built his log cabin in the forest above the village and he waits there to visit children.

Ideal for beginner skiers, thanks to the freely accessible secure areas, the skiing area of Les Gets, straddling two slopes (Chavannes and Chéry), also provides some very beautiful, sportier trails and enchanting surroundings for the discovery of the practices of different types of skiing, like dog-sledding or skijoring.

Les Gets

Adrenaline or relaxation? A group of friends or lots of family?  Sporty or inquisitive? In the summer, the village of Les Gets offers these many sides to holidaymakers, as its mountainous locations allows the practice of activities for all.

The skiing area, transformed into a gigantic bike park, welcomes fans of freeriding, like cross-country. Between the rhododendrons and the blueberries, you see a procession of mountain bike helmets, a group of family hikers, and you can make out, not so far away, the manicured golf lawns. 18 holes on the ridges of the Chavannes wind through the pines, so that you find yourself face to face with the majesty of Mont Blanc.

And leaving Les Gets, one’s mind is more cultivated than when they arrived, the visit to the Museum of Mechanical Music allows one to explore a unique collection of 550 pieces, and at the Irish brewery you can soak up three different beers made on site!